Great SBA Business Plans by LEAP Consultants

Everyone needs a SBA business plan for their businesses but it is never easy to write one. SBA business plans are the documents needed by lenders before they can grant any form of business funding. Yours must be unique, convincing and appealing to lenders who usually have many businesses to consider. Professional business plan writers assure customers of winning documents that will help them achieve their objectives. LEAP Business Plans is a company of such writers who promise plans that play a big role in getting much needed funding for enterprises. The name LEAP is an acronym for Lead, Empower, Act and Persist; the four words that guide our operations.  

Professional consultants

Our company thinks of all clients as world changers ready to LEAP to success through incredible, convincing business plans. We share your goal as a partner in finding the most appropriate resources to facilitate procurement, payment of salaries or payment of debts. Leap Business Plans only hires savvy consultants who identify with our culture and mode of operation. These are professional consultants with prior entrepreneurial experience and beliefs that align with our objectives. They are sourced from various professional fields so we can serve clients in all industries. This means that whether you are running a law firm or a small retail business, LEAP Business Plans will be there to help.

LEAP understands what makes you tick

LEAP works in extra ordinary fashion to learn everything about you, your business goals and challenges. This allows the consultants to hunker back in the “LAB” for discussions on strategies to make your SBA business plan most impactful. The first draft is only prepared after extensive research to support the strategy and direction. Once this is done the first draft is forwarded for review by a proficient team of proof readers and project managers. Once they have approved it LEAP encourages customers to review this first draft so that necessary changes can be made for the final copy. In the end your interaction with LEAP will grant you a winning document that will indeed convince lenders that you are ready and responsible enough to get funding.

The LEAP advantage

Besides the business plan our professional consultants will share useful tips on how to package your enterprise into an attractive investment. LEAP clients get to enjoy;

  • Access to approved & vetted LEAP consultants
  • Latest sales and marketing strategies
  • Special invitation to our LEAP business events
  • Exclusive access to webinars by other successful “LEAPERS”

LEAP Business Plans is more than a business but a partnership with clients in various industries. It is a company by people who understand the secrets of successful pitching for funding and are not scared of sharing them with the rest of the world. If you feel pressed to write the best SBA/Bank business plan consult us today to LEAP towards the success you desire.

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