L1 Visa Business Plan:

The L1 Visa is required to enter into the U.S for work purposes. It is considered as a non-immigrant visa and it has a relatively short validity period, usually 3 years. It is very important to international company employees who have offices in the U.S.

If a U.S employer wants an employee to transfer from one country to work in the U.S office of the company, they must have L-1 visa business plan. It is a supporting document when applying for an L-1 Visa intracompany transferee. The business plan is required by non-US citizens who want to open a branch in the US and need to move employees to work there.

What is Required for L-1 Business Plan

The L-1 Visa is administered by the U.S citizenship and immigration services agency which also sets the requirements for it; For the business:

  • Both offices (U.S and foreign) must be managed by the same company. The US office can be the parent office, affiliate, branch, subsidiary or another business form
  • Both offices should be related somehow and continuously doing business For the employee
  • At the time of application, the employee should be working in the foreign venture
  • The employee must be an executive, person with specialized skill or manager
  • They must have worked in the foreign enterprise for a minimum of 1-year in the last three years.

The L-1 visa was intended for multinationals interested in venturing or expanding to the U.S. It is however also used for medium-sized businesses with the same intent. This visa application is accompanied by the L-1 business plan which must be of high-quality and accurate as required by USCIS. The business must be described in fine detail so officials have no doubt about it.

Supporting Documentation Assisting documents for the L-1 business plan take different forms. Documents showing a specialized knowledge can be anything to prove that they were productive. These could be certificates of accomplishment or patents among other documents.

If it takes more than 12 months to build and operate a business it is possible to apply for an extension of the L-1 Visa. During this first year, activities concerning the operation of the business are considered to be proper but after the passage of this time, documents must show that employees are performing their duties correctly.

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