Entrepreneurs face major hurdles but the greatest among them is the quest for funding. They need money so badly yet haven’t a clue on how to get investors in their corner. For that, you need a properly written investor business plan that will convince them of your worth.

Investor Grade business plans

Unlike other business plan, the one aimed at investors must be tailored to meet their expectation. It is not easy to make people believe in your dreams but with an investor grade business plan, things become much easier. It showcases your idea and plans for expansion as you try to source for funding. An investor plan is the most important tool for everyone looking to raise capital through angel investors, venture capitalists or private investors.

Venture capitalists

As the name suggests, venture capital are funds provided to start ups in the start-up growth stage. Investors in this case simply ask for equity in the firm as a way of getting returns for their investment. Venture capitalists are usually interested in innovative technologies with potential to generate high returns as quick as possible. Venture capital is an attractive form of funding for businesses with limited capital but need to propel their businesses to the next level.

Angel investors

Angel investors love putting their money in a good opportunity and are more involved in the business than venture capitalists. The wealthy entrepreneurs are most likely to support ventures in their industries where their input would be of value. This intimate involvement makes angel investors the rights pick for those in need of mentorship as much as capital.

Private investors

They are independent individuals with money that they would love to lend at better rates. They could be family, friends or colleagues but private investors all have personal motivations for investing.

Asking for money is a daunting task no matter which kind of investor you wish to approach. They must all understand the risks and opportunities your idea presents. Investor grade business plans are about 30-40 pages long with the following components;

  • Plan overview
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing information
  • Operational analysis
  • Investor information

All investor grade business plans written by Leap Business Plans will include all the components above in greater details. The final document will be in Microsoft Word, financials will be created in Microsoft Excel and the plan designed using professional graphic designers. If you so desire, Leap Business Plans consultants will prepare a PowerPoint business presentation to emphasize key points. All investor business plans are tailored to the investor you wish to approach.

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