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Franchise business plans are everything you need to convince people to entrust their business model to you. In writing this plan, you must come up with questions and anticipate challenges that might arise from franchising. A good franchise business plan should have five sections; introduction, management, marketing, pro forma financial projections and financing needs. Preparing a documents that features all these might not be easy for the entrepreneur but worry not as help is a LEAP away.

Diverse team of consultants

Leap Business Plans is a team of professionals who are nothing short of masters at the art. This business was founded in 2011 to serve a category of people that often missed opportunities due to poorly written business plans. We are dedicated to your needs and provide the best customer service during your interaction with us. Once you’ve made the decision to work Leap Business Plans, we assign a team of expert consultants to your project. Our experts include writers, analysts and professionals drawn from diverse industries. They all utilize the L.E.A.P mantra to leap, empower, act and persistently work on the perfect franchising business plan for clients in all sectors. They are rigorously trained to write compelling documents that will convince an organization to allow you run a business in their name.

Straightforward process

Upon contacting us you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire explaining your needs before a direct interview with one of our consultants. We do this to understand your wishes as much as possible so they can be reflected in the business plan. The chosen LEAP Business Plans team conduct sufficient research in all angles before preparing the first draft. Once the project manager evaluates this draft, we invite you to inspect it further and give the go ahead to write the final copy.

The final copy is not only a masterfully written franchise business plan but one that is also well designed. This is because we at Leap Business Plans understand the need to present an attractive paper that is rich in relevant content to earn you a great deal. You can confidently present this copy assured that every aspect is covered and those reading it will appreciate your efforts.

The LEAP advantage

If you hope to go into franchising and haven’t any prior experience writing business plans, don’t shelve your wishes. Instead, contact Leap Business Plans for help writing winning business plans that will certainly open doors for you in the competitive franchise world.

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Partnering with Leap was the first of many steps forward in the right direction. What I like most about them, was that it wasn’t just a service to write my plan, but they truly cared and got to know me, my goals and connected me with key people in my business today that were about of their network.

Janette Akinyimide
CEO, Prestige Caregivers