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Non-profit business plans are unique in that they have to show donors your intention without indicating any desire for money. A solid plan covers all important aspects that would be investors look for in non-profit organizations. You need to appear professional and capable when looking for business funding for any business. Donors are particularly strict about non-profit business plans because many are times that they have been used to dupe them into giving away their money. Even with the best of intentions, writing a business plan for the non-profit sector isn’t easy. The choice of words and graphics isn’t straight forward to the layman as it must convince people that your plans are achievable.

Leap Business Plans

Leap Business Plans is the company you need to help you prepare an appropriate plan that is masterfully arranged to cover all the important points. After thorough consultations our business plan experts will be able include a true description of the organization, its main services, challenges you are likely to face and prospects for the future. The team of professional researchers, writers and graphic designers work closely together to emerge with an organized, attractive and informative first draft which you must inspect. With your permission the head writer for your project moves on to complete the final copy with assistance of designers to ensure that the layout is just right.

When you present a non-profit business plan prepared by Leap, it will be easy for angel investors to tell you apart from the crowd. The attractive document will nudge them to read through clearly articulated paragraphs detailing your plans for the organization. Once they are done, many will already be writing a check in recognition of your professionalism. If you are ever in need of funding for your non-profit organization, let Leap Business Plans help you out in the creation of winning documents to champion your cause in unique fashion.

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Partnering with Leap was the first of many steps forward in the right direction. What I like most about them, was that it wasn’t just a service to write my plan, but they truly cared and got to know me, my goals and connected me with key people in my business today that were about of their network.

Janette Akinyimide
CEO, Prestige Caregivers