About Us

LEAP Business plans was derived from the acronym “LEAP” which means to – Lead. Empower. Act. Persist. We believe in not just creating compelling and strategic business plans to get funding, but to attract and transform all our clients into “LEAPERS”;  Entrepreneurs on a mission to be successful and help others to also “LEAP”. We’re on a mission to positively affect entrepreneurs worldwide; by first helping them craft the right vision for their business and provide the key resources to keep them on their path to success.

Founded in 2011, our main focus is to never lose sight of our vision. With this is mind every new client is viewed as a world changer, every new business plan could be the plan that create millions of Jobs and help people across the world. Bottom-line is, you’re a BIG DEAL to us, and we pride ourselves as a true partner to all our clients.

Our Team is diverse, creative & results oriented business consultants. All of our consultant’s mesh with our culture and have personal entrepreneurial experience that we impart in every business plan and/or project. Our Consultants range from Immigration attorneys, successful small business owners, Investment Bankers, advanced marketers and much more.

What makes us special is 1ST our Mission to create business leaders, then the following:

  • Our Partnership Approach
  • Our Leap Program
    • Access to our approved and vetted network consultants
    • We provide business resources to help you effectively grow
    • Get the latest sales & marketing strategies
    • Access to our Exclusive Webinars from other Successful “LEAPERS”
    • Utilize the relationship we’re already established with multiple lenders
    • Invitations to our Leap business events

Step 1: Interview 1

Our process is first selective and uniquely broken into 3 phases to completion, because we see every client as a long term partner, we select who we choose to work with. In doing so, we first conduct one of two interviews with you. The 1st interview is more personal- we focus our attention on the Why Vs the What. Why do you want to be in business? Why do you want funding? Why do you believe you’ll be successful? We truly try to get to know you and what makes you tick. The reason we do this is because we know, that every lender knows anyone can get someone to write a great business plan, but it’s the person driving the business that makes all the difference.

Step 2: Business Questionnaire

The second step will be to conduct and in depth business analysis that’s focused on learning more about your business goals, ideas, and current challenges if any and then set realistic timeliness, with a 1 year foresight of where you would like to be a year from now.

Step 3: “The LAB”

Then we go to work, we’ll take all the information we’re gathered and take it the “LAB”. The lab is a central room that we invite our most experienced consultant with experience within your industry to pool thoughts, resources and strategic ideas to impact your business plan. The “LAB” is where the magic happens for us.

Once our “LAB” work is complete, we’ll conduct intensive research to support our strategy and business plan direction that will set you apart once in front of the right lenders.

Step 4: 1st Draft & Review

Once our 1ST draft is completed, we’ll have our talented proof readers and detailed project managers, review your business plan, then have your designated business consultant review our 1ST draft with you.

Step 5: Refine & Complete

We’ll then take notes from our meeting and make edit’s if necessary, then pass on your business plan to our designers who we consider the very best at what they do. Our designers will align what is written in every design to immediately appeal to lenders.

By following this process, it has allowed us to streamline each project successfully within or even ahead of expected timelines.

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Partnering with Leap was the first of many steps forward in the right direction. What I like most about them, was that it wasn’t just a service to write my plan, but they truly cared and got to know me, my goals and connected me with key people in my business today that were about of their network.

Janette Akinyimide
CEO, Prestige Caregivers

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